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Although the City of Palo Alto is a rich community in many ways, the high cost of housing creates a barrier to people of limitedCalifornia Park Apartments income. Many who currently work or have grown up in this community cannot afford to live here.  This situation results in the need for low- and moderate-income households to seek housing elsewhere or to pay an unreasonable proportion of their incomes for housing. Thus, there is a great need for more affordable rental and ownership housing units so that overpayment is not such a burden. The availability of affordable housing is central to maintaining community character and diversity.

Palo Alto's community leaders recognized that the issue of affordable housing deserved attention. To address this concern, the City Council assisted in establishing the Palo Alto Housing Corporation in 1970 as a private non-profit agency.

PAHC's mission has always been to foster, develop, acquire, and manage low- and moderate- income housing in Palo Alto and the San Francisco Bay Area. Through its affiliated entities its activities involve administration of the City of Palo Alto's Below Market Rate (BMR) Program (PAHC Housing Services, LLC), development and/or acquisition of over 600 units of rental housing (Palo Alto Housing Corporation), management of the properties it owns (PAHC Management and Services Corporation) and general housing advocacy. Its properties are located in all geographical areas of Palo Alto.

PAHC efforts are carried out by a professional staff and a volunteer Board of Directors. Board members represent a broad range of skills in architecture, real estate, law, finance, construction, business, and management.

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The Palo Alto Housing Corporation (PAHC) is experienced and professional in the management of its properties. Its affiliate, PAHC Management and Services Corporation, includes Director of Property Management, Director of Services, property supervisors, a maintenance director, site managers, maintenance workers and service coordinators.


PAHC takes pride in the exceptional appearance and condition of its properties, and a special pleasure in showing them to visitors, because they demonstrate affordable housing as a community asset. We currently manage nineteen properties, ranging from a single-family home, to large HUD-subsidized family complexes. All fit nicely into the community.

PAHC properties are funded and regulated by a number of agencies, including: the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA); the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee; the Affordable Housing Program of the Federal Home Loan Bank; the Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program; the City of Palo Alto through its Housing Reserve Funds; Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME); and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. While financing agencies can determine some occupancy requirements and management practices, PAHC management standards are very high. Maintenance is performed in a timely manner, and neighborhood issues are addressed. A personal relationship between management and tenant recognizes special needs. PAHC is very informed on current fair housing issues and requirements. Rental housing waiting lists are maintained for vacancies in PAHC properties.


The Resident Services Program is a very important component of property management at PAHC. Service Coordinators assist resident households in accessing community resources so that health, financial or emotional issues get focus before they affect the obligations of tenancy. Resident classes and activities provide relevant training and additional support. Our resident services personnel counsel residents in conflict or health situations where immediate attention is essential. Services staff often contact other agencies to help residents with health, financial, or even emotional issues. This assistance often helps residents to maintain their housing obligations and retain life stability. PAHC fund-raising efforts are focused on this Program so that services are not offset by rent increases.


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