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Only persons whose household income and assets do not exceed specified limits may rent apartments at one of PAHC’s properties. Based on program guidelines, income limits may vary per property. See specific property information for income and qualification guidelines.

The anticipated household gross income is used to verify a household’s eligibility for a particular property and/or available unit.

Minimum income limits are based on 2.5 times the rent an applicant would have to pay at a property where there is no additional subsidy.

BASIC QUALIFICATION (Also see HUD Resident Selection Criteria and Non HUD Resident Selection Criteria)

  • Occupancy – rental units must be the residents’ principal residence.
  • Household Size must be appropriate for the available apartment. No over utilization or under occupying.
  • Gross Income must be below the specified limits. Gross income includes, but is not limited to, employment income before taxes, business income, gross income from Social Security, SSI, Pension, AFDC, TANF, Child Support, Alimony, recurring gifts and income from assets
  • Assets include, but are not limited to, checking & savings accounts, Retirement accounts e.g. 401-K & 403-B, IRA, rental property etc.

The following income eligibility table is provided to assist you in determining if your income enables you to be eligible for an apartment at various housing complexes you may call. The calculations are based on median income figures provided by HUD for the particular area. To use the table, find your family size in the first column and follow the line across to the income figure closest to your annual household income.

100% Median Income 30% Income Level 35% Income Level 40% Income Level 50% Income Level 60% Income Level
1 $78,700 $23,610 $27,545 $31,480 $39,350 $47,220
2 $90,000 $27,000 $31,500 $36,000 $45,000 $54,000
3 $101,200 $30,360 $35,420 $40,480 $50,600 $60,720
4 $112,400 $33,720 $39,340 $44,960 $56,200 $67,440
5 $121,400 $36,420 $42,490 $48,560 $60,700 $72,240
6 $130,400 $39,420 $45,640 $52,160 $65,200 $78,240
7 $139,400 $41,820 $48,970 $55,760 $69,700 $83,640
8 $148,400 $44,520 $51,940 $59,360 $74,200 $89,040

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